Red Wines


Type of wine: Semi sweet red

Region: Kakheti, Appellation of Controlled Origin

Type of grape: Saperavi 100%

Vintage: 2015


Live dark ruby red with obvious blue hue. Blackberry and dark cherry have generously affected the aromas. The violet aroma – the symbol of recognition for Kindzmarauli wine, is splendidly blended with spicy black pepper. Rich but soft harmonic tannin structure, an exuberant palate with a full and velvety middle. Inviting long finish.

Food pairing suggestion

To fully enjoy your Kindzmarauli experience, serve it at a cooler room temperature but not totally chilled. Kindzmarauli perfectly pairs with Raviolis and Lasagna, blue and other mature cheeses. Love Surprises? Try it with hot dish of grilled pork. Can’t decide on dessert? Chocolate mud cake with blackberries could be a memorable match.