TAMADA brand

TAMADA Brand portfolio includes 7 types of wines from Appellation of Controlled Origin. (Tsinandali; Tvishi; Mukuzani; Napareuli; Kindzmarauli; Khvanchkara; Akhasheni).

Tamada – Is the Georgian Toastmaster who has always been a respectable and intelligent person, able to lead the “Supra” and officiate at the feast. The main duty of the Tamada is a toast, which gives him the ability to raise different issues and make “Supra” more interesting by stimulating conversation.

While drinking TAMADA one understands the true spirit of Georgian wine. We enjoy the relationships and it adds value to us. The theme of relationships fits very well with the TAMADA brand and Georgian wine as a whole. It not only expresses the brand itself, but links the idea of the brand to the value of Georgian wines and traditions.