GWS Introduces a Refreshed Packaging for Its Premium Wine Brand TAMADA

The company’s Brand Manager Salome Dolidze explains the rationale behind the refreshed packaging: “Two years ago we introduced premium collection of TAMADA wines: Grand Reserve and Qvevri. One of the reasons why we initiated the refreshment for the entire TAMADA range, was to align it with the design of the high end lines of Tamada Wines Grand Reserve and Qvevri. Our desire was the new label to represent refinement of the taste and standards of the exquisite TAMADA wines. With the new design, the label looks more modern and fresh, but keeps the emphasis on traditions and brand values. The new labels links art and Pirosmani and enhances its design.” With the upgrade, wine lovers can now enjoy TAMADA from the bottle that further highlights one of the treasures of Georgian culture, the famous painting The Feast of Five Princes (1906) of Niko Pirosmani. The painting by Pirosmani portrays Georgian feast “Supra” that is traditionally lead by a toastmaster “Tamada,” who is bestowed with the duty of raising toasts and leading festivity. TAMADA wines, like its namesake, grants the sense of unity at the table and encourages the art of sharing emotions, which is at the core of the brand and serves as its tagline. In addition to this brand story, the wine itself carries an interesting history of its own.