Niko PIROSMANI (1862-1918) is the greatest Georgian artist. His personality and talent led him to invent a new painting technique and become one of the most outstanding painters in the World.

Niko PIROSMANI (Pirosmanashvili) was born in a peasant family in the east part of Georgia -Kakheti, considered to be the motherland of the best Georgian wine. Many of his works were either of historical figures, of everyday people, living their everyday lives or Georgian traditional feasts “Supras” accompanied by wine.

Niko PIROSMANI is of a great value to Georgian society and history. This is the reason why his outstanding painting “Feast of five Princes” is displayed on the TAMADA label. It expresses the distinctiveness of the brand and emphasizes our Georgian origin.

This painting is conceptually linked with the idea of Georgian Wines and relationships; at the same time due to the status of the feast participants, points to the premium quality of Georgian wines. The painting was created in 1906 and it is kept in the Georgian National Museum.

Interest in PIROSMANI increased in 1950’s after many books were published in Georgia, Russia and other countries. Biographical film and plays were created, musical themes were composed and his paintings were exhibited abroad like in the Soviet Union and Western Europe.

Today, you can admire a monument paying tribute to him in Tbilisi or visit his museum in Mirzaani. The majority of his works are showcased in the Art Museum of Georgia.

Since 2014, TAMADA is a friend of the Georgian National Museum. Through membership, GWS is helping the GNM operations, activities and its institutional development. For more information see link