Red Wines


Type of wine: Dry Red

Region: Kakheti, Appellation of Controlled Origin

Type of grape: Saperavi 100%

Vintage: 2014


Mature but still bright ruby blended with blue and brick hues. Black mulberry and sweet cherry enhanced with spicy oak and vanilla overtones. Palate is tasteful and exuberant bearing black mulberry, blackberry and cherry flavours. The rich velvety tannin sensation enhances the wine structure. The oak maturation is complemented with the balanced acidity and excellently expressed vinosity.

Food pairing suggestion

Mukuzani pairs exceptionally well with all what provokes your appetite. Try to enhance your dining experience serving this powerful dry red wine with roasted duck breasts with caramelized apples; Lamb shanks with olives, fried and grilled with unpeeled potatoes, or egg-plants soaked in spices and herbs served with lamb chops.